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Benefits for you

  • Improved recovery capacity, strengthening of the immune system, breath more freely, relief, calmness, clarity

  • Removing from limiting and blocking beliefs and thought forms, Fear, uncertainty, anxiety, anger transformation, balance, improved relationships, confidence, authenticity, the courage to express your truth

  • Sense of connection, access to your potential, creativity, spiritual growth, self-empowerment

  • Increased energy so you can achieve your goals with a sense of direction and peace

What is happening during a Remote Healing Session?

In a remote energy healing session, we do not just talk on the phone or via Zoom with one another while the session is happening.


One may feel the movement of subtle energies during and after the time of the remote energy healing session. Please feel free to find a quiet place to close your eyes and rest during the sessions. If sitting quietly is not convenient, that is fine too. Being busy during the healing session will not detract from its effectiveness. A state of inner quietness may be charming. Also, if you sit quietly you will increase the chances of perceiving the subtleties of the process.

You may have concrete improvement in DNA, past lives, chakras, environment, relationships and much more.






"I was in intense pain with a *** infection ***. Luckily Tobias was here, so he gave me a session of Pranic Healing. Usually I would have gone to the hospital as I have on previous occasions, however, that night I felt some relief, but the next day I was so very relieved of the pain and that night free completely of all pain. I have had many of these infections and spent time in hospital on a drip, so I was absolutely amazed how the pranic healing worked not quickly but completely."

Catherine M. | Assistant Manager

Teena S. | Counsellor/Massage therapist

"Calming, cleansing & uplifting, my experience of receiving Pranic Healing with Tobias has brought me to a new and insightful level of understanding whilst enhancing my awareness. Each experience is differing for everyone. I was guided on an incredibly visual & bountiful journey, offering me a wealth of blessings. Tobias is a very warm, insightful & approachable individual, being a very intuitive Pranic Healing practitioner. He comes highly recommended. "


“Be not afraid. We only start again an ancient journey long ago begun that but seems new. We have begun again upon a road we travelled on before and lost our way a little while. And now we try again.”

Foundation for Inner Peace

-A Course in Miracles-

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