Pranic-Generator Golden One

Pranic-Generator Golden One


Size: 61 x 61 cm

Technique: Hand-Painted / Acrylic Paint / Canvas / Center +24 Karat Goldleaf

Dimension: 30x20 Squares per Quarter

Creation Date: 09/2019

Origin: Brisbane / Australia


Pranic-Generators produces and focuses pranic energy within itself and condenses surrounding energy within these geometric figures. Recuperating inside a geometric Pranic-Generator is similar to resting at the beach near the ocean or sitting in a rainforest on the ground in order to absorb more dense pranic energy. The density or quantity of pranic energy in a room is a key factor for well being.

Energy Healer can experience an increased potency of pranic energy and a higher rate of vibration since the healing space is filled with dense pranic energy.


Master Choa Kok Sui mentioned in his book " Advanced Pranic Healing", that better results can be obtained by cleansing the energybody with the application of pranic sweeping. Furthermore drawing in and projecting pranic energy can be done faster and with greater ease.

  • An original handpainted unique Pranic-Generator. One square contains between 150 and 300 brushstrokes until it is reached its perfect shade. Multiple layers of highly pigmented Gold Acryl provide opacity. This artwork is completed by the use of 24 Karat Goldleaf in the Center. This Pranic-Generator contains very subtle pranic energies. Fine pranic energies dispense within seconds in the whole room. The Golden One is created to strengthen and balance upper chakras and to enlarge the energetic chord constantly. Besides the transforming, cleansing and energizing impact on physical and energetic bodies, there is an additional refining force on the whole energy system.


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