Pranic Generators

Pranic Generators are high vibrating energy power-plants. A wall designed with a Pranic Generator, increases the energy level of the whole room and house. Transforming, clarifying, energizing and harmonizing effects emerge depending on model and colour choice. Different picturesque executions, influence the vibrational frequency, radiation and intensity. People who come into contact with these power-plants, report on enhanced activity, vitality, improved ability to concentrate and performance or pure joy.


Operating Principle

Modern research in the field of bio-physics close related to Max Planck´s quantum biology, has proved that the spin of elementary particles heavily affect biological organisms. A cell in a biological system contains a certain polarization of spin and this spin with an ordered magnetic alignment. When this alignment  is lost through depolarization, the electro-magnetic potential of the cell is changed. This leads to a loss of biophoton in the cell and is causing degeneration.


Left spin out of alternating electro-magnetic fields like in mobile telephones, high-tension power lines, mobile communication antenna´s and microwaves are highly harmful and damaging for flora, fauna and the human organism. Whereas right circularly vibrations bring in small quantities euphoriant and life promoting effects.

Pranic Generators neutralize interfering fields, raise the vibrational frequency and create a powerful positive, synthesizing and life enhancing field.

Make it Individual


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