Tobias Täubrich

Artist | Healer | Creator

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About Tobias

Born in 1992 in Dresden (Germany), 2010 final secondary-school examination in Radeberg. Since then I am interested in travelling and in the field of brain-friendly work, teaching and learning. It was possible for me to gather treasures of experiences in the spiritual world, through meeting spiritual healers from all over the world. Learning and utilization of Master Choa Kok Sui´s Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga system, practising Andrew Blake´s Quantum Consciousness Transformation, accompanied by Mer-Ka-Ba workshops, myriads of Intuitive Work sessions with Andreas Goldemann, a Hypnotheraphie training, wide ranges of seminars including Pillar of Light, E-Motion and Energetic Bodywork plus additional personal counselling consultations.


In roles as artist and entrepreneur, my practical implementation is inspired by these spiritual approaches. Through my artworks, I unify 2 Poles, a purely abstract manner, on the one hand, meeting geometrical determined elements on the other hand. Accompanied by an open flow and an unconventional way of creating.

Currently, I am living my heart projects in Australia. Deepening comprehensive understanding of our primal force that leads us forward.  I am wholeheartedly committed to maintaining an honest and consistent practice. Studying ancient traditions and techniques, and taking interest in western and eastern mysticism. So I can offer my complementary peerless service to bring about profound transformations in health and well being.

Love and Light. Ligh and Love

We are one.

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